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Let's Chase The Sun with illustro Prescription Lens

javakadiri - Do you realize that the eyes really need protection? One of the factors that can harm the eyes is UV rays. Sunglasses is one of the tools to protect the eyes from UV rays, but what if you have a nearsighted problem? Certainly required a special lens that can correct abnormalities nearsighted while protecting the eyes, lens with dual function is known as prescription sun lens.

In addition, can be made in accordance with the size of your eye prescription, prescription sun lens also protect the eyes from UV exposure and can reduce glare that disturbs the eyes, especially when outdoors.

Prescription sunlens are of various types making it more flexible to suit your needs, including:

Tinting Lenses

Colored lenses are equipped with anti UV coating and are available in several solid color and graduation options, perfect for you who want to look stylish with various shapes and colors of glasses frames.


pilihan kacamata berkualitas dan pelayanan terbaik di optik tunggal - This lens is able to reduce glare optimally and can reduce the eyes tired due to glare and increase the contrast, thus sharpening the vision. It is suitable for you who like to drive, fishing, golf, and other outdoor activities. Available in gray and brown color and features 100% UV Protection.


The lens that has a light gray base color can turn darker when exposed to UV rays directly or while in the vehicle and can provide optimal visual comfort. This lens is suitable for those who spend much time outdoors.


The combination of photochromic and polarized technology makes this lens in addition to reducing glare is also very convenient for vision because the level of darkness can adjust the lighting conditions where you are. This lens is suitable for all outdoor activities.


This gray base lens is perfect for outdoor activities as it is made of the lightest plastic material and resistant to impact so it is very safe for the eyes. illustrate trivex NXT also features 100% UV protection so it can provide maximum protection for your eyes.

By using illustro prescription sun lens, it means you can now protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while still performing styles while on the move outdoors.

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